Adriano Dalla Valentina

Adriano Dalla Valentina was born in Murano (1945) where he has lived and worked all his life long.
After the Second World War, most of the youth of the island, was bound to go to work to help the family.
The positive side was, being young they could absorb faster the basic notions of the millenarian craftsmanship.

If a number of Adriano’ same age friends masters are poets in the glass manufacture, to describe Adriano a real poet would be necessary.
He has an open personality, always surrounded by friends but very shy with strangers and he doesn’t like to be ordered.

Studying the raw materials first, the old technics then, filigree (filigrana) and murrina (murina) from their origines, he gave up definitively to the modern sculptures and solid decorative items for the light, thin and delicate glass , personalizing the product with a lot of personal taste.

He was only 29 (1974) when he opened a furnace-studio where he could privilidge the specialities he has a predilection for.
Filigree and murrina for experts and a vast portion of the pubblic are the technics which remind more Venice and its millenarian tradition.

It is difficult to describe Adriano’s creations but it is easy to fall in love with.
Colours, taste and lines blended in armonic designes bring the finished product at the top level of the nowaday production.
Adriano is an original interpreter of the twentyeth century glass manufacture.
The precious cooperation with the young son Stefano, graduate at the Venice Art Institute, has increased the production and brought a new wave of enthusiasm.

The highest level product is a privilidge reserved to connoisseurs and to people fond of the pure art intended to last in the years to come.
Adriano is a Maestro who has changed, deeply changed the Filigrana and the Murrina.
He organises personal exibition all over Italy and Europe but his creations can be found all over the world.