Mario Badioli

Maestro Mario Badioli was born onto Murano on Feb. 12th 1940.
He started working, as apprentice at the age of fourteen, for the already famous and popular master blower Ermanno Nason, by the firm Mazzega I.V.M.
The firm was known all over Europe for they were specialized on the production of glass beads, mosaic and low cost light-fixture for bath-rooms.

Besides the experience he accumulated working with Ermanno Nason, he had the chance to realize how many different kinds of glass were available on the island.
In his future Mario will take a lot of advantages from such experience.
From 1958 to 1960 he attented the Venice Art Institute and his teacher was the great Prof. Anzolo Fuga.
In the same period started working as young master, always by Mazzega I.V.M. with the task to develope “l’oggettistica”, decorative items small size, untill 1962.

He has been working for five years, then, with the softer glass, a material used to make small animals and tiny glass gondolas.

It has been a second very important experience to learn the proportions and tridimentionality for his own next future.

Mario’s very first experience as Maestro begins in 1968 and untill 1978 he works for Fratelli Pitau, where the production was etherogeneous indeed.
He could try to develope figurines, old style chandeliers and heavy bowls and vases.
It is during this period that he starts painting and reproducing Picasso’s works of art.
From the beginning of 1979 till the end of 1983 he works for the firm Oball where only heavy items he will produce.

The knowledge of the drawing and culture push Mario to expand his culture to proceed with a new venture.
His hobby, the modern art, stimulates Mario to search the cooperation of local artists first and international artists later.
His predilection for Picasso is strong but he has no possibilities to meat the great and universal Artist.
Since 1984, in his own studio-furnace he can train his hobby and starts developing it in the way he always liked.
The first sculptures are not yet at the highest level but , Robert Scherer from Bolzano,
can appreciate his interpretations of the modern art.
He starts organizing an important exibition-performance for Mario in his own town and the first awards arrive to prize the precious cooperation.
Every year Mario presents his “Masterpiece” to Venice Vetro Aperto where an expert like Prof. Angelo Zennaro can appreciate, the work done so far by Mario, in pubblic.
Every year, all over Europe, we can admire exibitions of Mario’s works of art and find his sculptures in the most important glass galleries.