Murano Glass Chandelier ACQUATICO

Murano Glass Chandelier ACQUATICO

Murano Glass Chandelier  ACQUATICO is an original design by Luigi Foccardi  founder of Linea Murano Art. The chandelier on photo is in clear glass with ruby color decorations. White flowers with yellow pistils the chandelier is 12 + 6 lights, and a flowers and leaves only crest on top. Completed with extra parts and ceiling cup for best hanging. This ACQUATICO is available in this configuration (exposed in the show room) but can be customized in any color glass and dimentions according room needs.


Regular Dimensions:



3 Lights     cm.   75 H. Ø cm.  80

5 Lights     cm.   90 H  Ø cm.  90

6 Lights     cm.   90 H  Ø cm.  90

8 Lights      cm. 105 H  Ø cm. 110

12 Lights   cm. 130 H  Ø cm. 130

8+4 Lights cm. 140 H  Ø cm. 110

12+6 Lights + Cimiero  cm. 170 H  Ø cm. 140

Wall Sconces 2 or 3 lights and floor lamp on request.


Other sizes available on request



Murano Glass Chandelier ACQUATICO

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