Pino Signoretto, Murano Glass Master, Murano,
Pino Signoretto, Murano Glass Master

Pino Signoretto, was born in 1944. He is an exceptional artist, unique among those of his generation.

He was born into a family that was not well-off, in a difficult period, post-war Italy, and began working when he was only 10 years old. He was apprenticed in 1954. He worked for four years in a glass works that produced economical chandeliers and bonbonniers.

In early 1959, he changed his job and began working under the great Alfredo Barbini. Livio Seguso, Ermanno Nason and Angelo Seguso all worked in the same glass works, all were later to become famous, internationally acclaimed masters of the art of glass working.

Pino Signoretto however was an exception even among these great Maestri: he became a "Maestro" (Master Glass-blower) when he was only sixteen.

And it was clear to anybody who saw him working that he was a "Maestro apart".

For some years he worked for Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Salviati & Co. and Mazzega I.V.M. then in 1978 he opened his own glass work studio in Murano.

His fame spread and he met Salvador Dalì, Licata, Giò Pomodoro and the extravagant American, Wilson, these meetings changed his life.

In 1985 he went to Japan where he prepared plans and drawings for twelve huge water fountains for the Hotel Americana - Gei-Ken - Tokyo. This project was completed in 1993.

In the meantime he had met Dale Chihuly and for a period worked and taught at the Pilchuck School of Glass in Seattle. He designed the 1990 NBA trophy.

He began working regularly with Dale Chihuly, Martin Bradley and Lino Tagliapietra, whose fame is such that they need no further description.

In 1996 Pino, Dale and Lino drew and developed an enormous chandelier which was sold in the U.S. for an enormous sum of money.

When Pino Signoretto is able to, he works in his own glass studio, producing limited edition sculptures or single, one-off pieces.

He has won many awards:

-1975 The Golden Rose - an International award

- 1980 University of Rome - Honorary appointed of Academy and Institute of Culture

- 1982 Gold Medal at the Foyer des Artistes - France

-1983 Venice - Biennale d'ArteTrophy

- 1984 Gold Medal at the Foyer des Artistes - France

-1989 Knighted for his work by the President of the Italian Republic.

-1989-1990-1991 Award "Scultura Vetro Murano"

- 1994 Honorary Award of European Economic Community

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