Cristalli Varisco, Marco Varisco, Original Murano Glass

Recovering the ancient tradition of master glassmakers, and most probably also from the earliest ancestor Varisco Varischi, Marco Sr. experimented (around 1930) a new technique of engraving on glass, and he passed it to his son Italo, together with respect and love, to the mystery of earth and fire that are transformed to create the raw material. Master glazier, Marco Sr. was awarded at the Experimental School of Murano Glass. 


Marco Varisco today, heir to the family tradition of his grandfather Marco and his father Italo, has preserved and applied their teachings by following them from an early age. Thus he represented the continuity of the family of  glass masters, combining talent, imagination and enthusiasm. Marco already knew how to work glass at the age of 13 (his engravings on Confirmation favors); after the eighth grade he attended drawing schools, but his luck was having worked side by side with both his grandfather and his father, learning from them the artisan techniques of glass processing that allowed him to create, while still a teenager, complex and demanding works.


The three generations of the Variscos are present in the most prestigious museums, at the Vatican Museum, in the private collections of personalities from the world of sport, entertainment, fashion and culture; their works performed for the mayor of New York, for Bill Clinton, for the kings of Spain; at the Lausanne Museum there is the Olympic torch made for the first military Olympic Games; other works have been commissioned for various Alpine Sports World Cups, for the Volleyball World Cup, for the Basketball Oscar F.I.B.A. And for many champions and teams.


The Varisco technique is very ancient, but Marco has been able to introduce and support modern techniques such as that of decomposition which led him to new creations. Marco is proud of the ground crystal prism, used for scientific purposes for studies on the refraction of light. The piece is exhibited in the Capital Museum in Beijing.

Another work is present at the Victoria Albert Museum in London. This is the Venetian Mirror, born in collaboration with Fabrica, a mirror that reflects images only if they are immobile, while the movable ones are invisible. Marco has also fulfilled his dream of seeing a work exhibited in the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Marco Varisco Opera, Cristalli Varisco
Marco Varisco Opera, Cristalli Varisco